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A heavy metal Samurai on the screens at Japan Expo Sud!

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Published on 07/12/2010 - Edition

As usual, Japan Expo Sud has hours of screening in store for you! And to make you even more eager for it, let’s start with Metal Samurai, showed with TOEI KYÔTO STUDIO CO., LTD.

© All rights reserved Some of you may have seen this heavy metal Samurai at Japan Expo in 2010?! This time, he is back with brand new episodes!!

Desunoshin is both a Rônin and a… heavy metal guitarist. And when love comes into it… Discover Metal Samurai at Japan Expo Sud!!


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Cyber samurai
Ah, Metal Samurai ! On s'était bien marré en voyant débarquer cet ovni de la planète Japon l'été dernier. De nouveaux épisodes en francais ? j'espère qu'ils seront prochainement visibles sur Nolife !
Published on 09/01/2011 à 10:18
Day-crash, 26 years, La Teste de Buch
Day-crash, 26 years, La Teste de Buch
Tien je connais pas, mais ça me donne envie de le voir ;-)
Published on 27/12/2010 à 0:38

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