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Another seism in Japan (7.4), tsunami alert

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Published on 07/04/2011 - Edition

Japan suffered another seism today. It happened off Miyagi and was felt in Tôkyô. A tsunami alert has been launched. All our thoughts are with the Japanese people.

A magnitude 7.4 seism has been recorded today in Japan 40 km deep, off Miyagi Prefecture, which had already been hit by the March 11 seism. The Japanese weather forecast Agency warned against a tsunami, up to 2 meters.

People living by the shore of Miyagi Prefecture must evacuate towards higher places to be protected from waves which could be up to 2 meters high.

The seism has been felt in Tôkyô, 400 km to the south. Public TV channel NHK said that there had been no further damage in the the two nuclear power stations in Fukushima.

Miyagi Prefecture had already been hit on March 11 by a magnitude 9 seism, the worst ever recorded in Japan, followed by a 10 meter high tsunami which took away everything on their way.


Today more than ever, we must help Japan to recover as soon as possible. The Ganbare Japan! operation goes on of course and we need your help to help Japan the best we can. Several actions have been organized to support Japan financially:


Moral support is essential too: the Ganbare Japan! Facebook page still available for you to leave support messages, texts, illustrations or videos, which we transmit regularly to Japan. Our Japanese partners told us that they appreciate these messages. Don’t hesitate to keep encouraging them.

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