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Ganbare Japan! auction: 2 days left before the end

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Published on 30/09/2011 - Edition 2012

Since Monday, prices keep on going up! So if you want an original drawing by the artist of Kenshin and this way contribute to help Japan, this may be the right time… and you have until Sunday!!

Original drawings by Nobuhiro WATSUKI to support Japan
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To support Japan, Nobuhiro WATSUKI, the artist of Kenshin, gave 11 original drawings to several conventions to get money for the Japanese Red-Cross. 3 original drawings have been given to the organizers of Japan Expo in the frame of the Ganbare Japan! project to organize an auction.

Since Monday, the drawings are on sale on eBay and it ends on Sunday. You can access it via this link!

All the money will be given to the Japanese Red-Cross and the artworks will be given personally.


The auction on eBay


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