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Geek culture is a show at Japan Expo Sud

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Published on 23/01/2012 - Edition 2012

The main stage of Japan Expo Sud is expecting you for a world-first event with two video game stars: Marcus and Joueur du Grenier!

We have already announced those two big pieces of news: Japan Expo Sud welcomes Marcus, the star anchor of French TV channels Nolife and Game One, and the famous blogger-gamer known as Joueur du Grenier (the gamer in the attic).

Even better and for the very first time, you will attend the meeting of those two giants on stage at Japan Expo Sud!! A can’t-miss event!


More about Marcus and Joueur du Grenier
Date and times coming soon


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X-Kyuu-Chan-X, 21 years, La Fare les Oliviers
X-Kyuu-Chan-X, 21 years, La Fare les Oliviers
Je pense qu'il signera des autographes ^^ (enfin j'espere ;P)
Published on 06/02/2012 à 10:55
manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
Cette rencontre risque d'être mémorable ^^
Published on 03/02/2012 à 14:03
Elv, 18 years
Elv, 18 years
Super ! c'est vraiment génial que le joueur du grenier soit la =3
Published on 25/01/2012 à 12:41

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