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Immerse yourself in traditional culture

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Published on 23/11/2011 - Edition 2012

Japan Expo Sud offers every year an opportunity to escape through the most traditional aspects of Japanese culture and the 4th Wave is just definitely going to be another great trip!

On the main stage, during conferences or on the booths of associations, Japan Expo Sud invites all of you on a trip to traditional Japan.

Music is an important part of it and Japan Expo Sud made you discover Keisho OHNO in 2010, a Shamisen (sort of three cord lute) player whose style is amazingly modern. The main stage has already hosted many other traditional music and dancing shows with Koto, fan dance or Bamboo Orchestra and their instruments made of Bamboo! Once more, you can expect to get enchanted by memorable shows.

Japan Expo Sud also invites the artists among you to try calligraphy or Origami. Lifestyle is also part of the festival and specialists of Ikebana (floral art), Chadô (tea ceremony) or traditional Kimono have been invited in the previous editions. And if you need to relax for a while, the well-being area is here every year. Come and discover the secrets of Japanese lifestyle at Japan Expo Sud!


More about the program soon…


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