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Joueur du Grenier, the blogger-gamer of retrogaming

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Published on 18/01/2012 - Edition 2012

You can’t miss this Hawaiian shirt he only can wear properly… please welcome Joueur du Grenier, the player in the attic if you prefer. Meet this famous blogger-retrogamer at Japan Expo Sud!!

© All rights reserved On his website, Joueur du Grenier remembers the old video games of the time when you were kids, the most frustrating and irritating of games, in short those you in which you never got anywhere.

He is at Japan Expo Sud to share these memories with you during a conference and signing sessions.


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X-Kyuu-Chan-X, 21 years, La Fare les Oliviers
X-Kyuu-Chan-X, 21 years, La Fare les Oliviers
J'ai hate de voir ce qu'il nous reserve comme show ^^
Published on 06/02/2012 à 13:01
Mau-Yuùki, 16 years
Mau-Yuùki, 16 years
J'ai vraiment hate , j'adore JDG , je connait toutes ses vidéos par coeur . C'est super qu'il soit invité a la JE cet année .
Published on 18/01/2012 à 18:23

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