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Learn how to draw Shôjo Manga with Yoko HANABUSA and Harumo SANAZAKI

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Published on 07/12/2011 - Edition 2012

You have always wanted to create your own Manga?! Good news then, two Mangaka specialized in Shôjo come and reveal their secrets at Japan Expo Sud with no less than three masterclasses!

Your dream is about to come true and you’ll soon be able to draw and write the script of your own Manga according to the techniques of Yoko HANABUSA and Harumo SANAZAKI! The first one, Yoko HANABUSA, is the author of Gwendoline and the second one, Harumo SANAZAKI, the author of Bishin and Angel Wars. No doubt they know everything about Shôjo!


Both artists meet you everyday during the festival for masterclasses and also signing sessions and a conference.


More about the masterclasses,


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manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
Je suis impatiente d'y être ^^
Published on 25/01/2012 à 22:00

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