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Manga masterclasses: it’s time to register

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Published on 31/01/2012 - Edition 2012

Your dream has always been to become a Mangaka and learn with professionals? Attend Yoko HANABUSA and Harumo SANAZAKI’s Manga workshops: registrations are open!

© All rights reserved Yoko HANABUSA and Harumo SANAZAKI, two professional Mangaka, share with the secrets of Manga. 3 workshops are planned: learn how to write the script, to create a page of Manga and enliven your characters, and to bring the finishing touches to your page by coloring it.

Each of the 3 workshops last an hour and a half and can welcome 30 people. You want to take part in them? Register by sending us an e-mail: more information on this page.

The workshops are in French.


More information on this page


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manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
Je n'y vais pas moi-même mais j'espère que ma sœur, que j'ai inscrite, pourra participer ^^
Published on 09/02/2012 à 20:06
tiffanie, 29 years
Je veux y participer !!!!!!
Published on 01/02/2012 à 13:24

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