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Music talents at Japan Expo Sud: Jelly Kirakira and Sweetie Chocolate live

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Published on 17/01/2012 - Edition 2012

J-Music is a source of inspiration for French young talents and Japan Expo Sud opens their main stage for them! Let’s discover Jelly Kirakira and Sweetie Chocolate!

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Inspired from Japanese music, the singer Jelly Kirakira and the band Sweetie Chocolate both mix French, English and Japanese in their rock songs.

Don’t miss Jelly Kirakira for a Visual Kei showcase and Sweetie Chocolate in a Kawaii and sweet style!! On the main stage at Japan Exop Sud!


More about Jelly Kirakira and Sweetie Chocolate


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aoi13, 21 years, fos sur mer
Bonjour, il y aura t-il de VRAI chanteur et/ou chanteuse japonais? Parce que pour l'instant je suis un peu déçue :(
Published on 21/01/2012 à 19:10

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