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Still more fashion at Japan Expo Sud!

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Published on 28/01/2011 - Edition

Fashion is a most important element of Japanese culture and a source of inspiration for the Young Designers who show their creations on stage at Japan Expo Sud!

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For several years, fashion has been at the heart of Japan Expo festivals and of course of Japan Expo Sud. That’s why Young Designers Fashion Shows now have their own Facebook page!

Exhibiting their creations in the Young Designer Village, they show you exceptional items during the show. Get ready to have your breath taken away by so much talent and originality!!! Cyber Kawaii, Cotton Candies and My Oppa take part in the show on Saturday, February 26 on the main stage!


More information on this page!

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Lumina, 25 years
Lumina, 25 years
A hate d'y être
Published on 15/02/2011 à 20:53

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