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Still more martial arts on the Tatami!

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Published on 12/02/2011 - Edition

Japan Expo Sud honors martial arts and there are some more disciplines on the way today!! So all the martial art fans and all the onlookers...

The Ligue de Provence d’Aïkido and the Takeda Ryu school meet you at Japan Expo Sud and are going to take your breath away with staggering demonstrations! With Aikidô, discovere the ideal discipline for everyone, which leads to self-control and harmony. The Takeda Ryu school presents several ancestral disciplines practiced with bare hands, sticks or swords.

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Aikidô and Takeda Ryu!


In all, seven associations will present over ten disciplines during the festival: Aikibudô, Aikidô, Chanbara, Iaidô, Jôdô, Jûdô, Jûjitsu, Kendô, Kyûdô, Ninjutsu, and the ancestral disciplines of Takeda Ryu!

Practitioners will wait for you on their booths and answer all your questions. They also have great demonstrations in store to show you! And if you’re brave enough and are ready to sweat, many initiations are planned with experts. Demonstrations and initiation sessions will take place on the Tatami and you can have a look at the schedule on this page right now!

Demonstrations and initiations to Kyûdô will take place for the very first time at Japan Expo Sud on the booth of the association Tendô in an area which will be entirely dedicated to this activity!

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demonstrations and initiations, and the schedule!

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