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Thank you from the team of the J.E. Shop!!

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Published on 03/03/2011 - Edition

Many of you came and discovered the J.E. Shop and its products at Japan Expo Sud. The whole team thanks all of you!

© All rights reserved CDs, T-shirts, books, goodies, etc.: the J.E. Shop at Japan Expo Sud proposed many products and many among you left with a souvenir from the festival, a badge or a CD by an artist discovered on stage.

If, in the effervescence of the festival, you forgot to go to the J.E. Shop, no need to worry!! Thanks to the J.E. Shop online, you will be able to get within a few days the badge of the festival, TarO&JirO’s album or a Galaxy7 T-shirt, in short all the official products of the festival or of the guests.



Thanks everyone and
have a look at the online J.E. Shop right now!


© All rights reserved © All rights reserved

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