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The evil geniuses of Flander’s Company in an exclusive episode

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Published on 25/01/2012 - Edition 2012

They serve evil and they serve it right. And you love it! There are loads of fans of Flander’s Company. Japan Expo Sud shows you an exclusive episode, and a surprise!

The French series Flander’s Company is a hit on the web, with its supervillains embodying the purest evil. For your delight, Japan Expo Sud has an exclusivity in store for you…

If you feel like a genius of evil, don’t miss the exclusive episode of Flander’s Company showed at Japan Expo Sud, and the surprise video!


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guiguibdr, 19 years, graveson
guiguibdr, 19 years, graveson
Super!!!!!!!!!!!! Moi qui leur avez demandé si ils pouvaient venir et qu'ils n'ont répondu que c'était impossible. Sa m'emplis de joie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Published on 27/01/2012 à 20:44

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