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The “king of Manga”: ISHInoMORI exhibition

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Published on 30/11/2010 - Edition

Japan Expo Sud pays a tribute to the most prolific Mangaka in the history of Manga, Shôtarô ISHInoMORI, through an exhibition.

© All rights reserved Japan Expo Sud organizes an exhibition dedicated to Shôtarô ISHInoMORI, which shows the endless work of the “king of Manga” thanks to picture reproductions, photographies and figurines.

Beyond Manga, he also got interested in animation or live series and he is the author of a few innovations such as heroes in armors, the mythical Sentai and Tokusatsu, and their enemy giant monsters, still popular today.

He remains to this day the most prolific Mangaka of the history of Manga. He died in 1998, leaving 770 titles, which make 128.000 Manga pages.


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