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The shoots of Bamboo Orchestra!

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Published on 30/11/2011 - Edition 2012

They play bamboos and were hugely successful at Japan Expo Sud in 2009 and 2010: Bamboo Orchestra is back in 2012 with the Pousses de Bamboo Orchestra, the shoots of Bamboo Orchestra if you prefer!!

Japan Expo Sud offers you the opportunity to see the Pousses de Bamboo Orchestra on stage again, or to discover them for those who don’t know them yet. Their performances are delightful for traditional music lovers as well as curious minds who will enjoy these instruments all made of bamboo, which make both soft and percussive sounds.

Come and get thrilled to the sound of bamboos with the Pousses de Bamboo Orchestra on Sunday, March 4on the main stage at Japan Expo Sud!


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