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The winners of the 2nd session of the envelope contest

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Published on 01/02/2012 - Edition 2012

The second session of the envelope contest is over: it’s to discover the winners!

Congratulations to the three winners, Luna VERDENET, Estelle PRUVOST and Léa RENAUD: they win a free entrance ticket to Japan Expo Sud and a surprise gift.

The third (and last) session has already started: we’re eager to receive your creations! You can send them until February 11.


Good luck to the participants of the third session

More about the envelope contest


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manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
manjumokona, 26 years, Avignon
Bravo aux trois gagnantes. Elles sont superbes.
Published on 03/02/2012 à 14:09

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