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Twice more martial arts at Japan Expo Sud

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Published on 07/02/2012 - Edition 2012

With 2 martial art areas, over 400 m² are entirely dedicated to your favorite disciplines!

Martial art fans can be delighted: this year, Japan Expo Sud offers them not one but two areas covered with Tatami! Demonstrations and initiations for the bravest are planned on these two martial art areas.

Associations are here to show you about ten disciplines: Aikibudô, Aikidô, Kyûdô, and Samurai arts, Aikijutsu, Kenjutsu and Battogiri.

Those are the ones we have already told you about but there’ll be some more: we tell you more about Jûdô, Jûjitsu, Nippon Kenpô and Shôrinji Kenpô at Japan Expo Sud very soon!


More about Aikibudô, Aikidô,
Kyûdô and the Samurai arts


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