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What do you eat at Japan Expo Sud? Bentô, Sushi, Râmen...

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Published on 22/02/2011 - Edition

During a crazy day between a showcase and a moving meeting with one of the guests, you may get hungry… No need to worry, there’s plenty to eat at Japan Expo Sud!

Râmen, Sushi, Onigiri, Bentô, Noodles… You will find traditional Japanese food on the booths of Bentô Sushi & Noodles (booth H3.A.117)Sunfood (booth H3.H.96) or Tabi no Yume (booth H3.H.136)!

And for those who prefer eating fast, sandwiches, chips, pasta or paninis are available on the booths of L’Univers du Bonbon (booth H3.B.96), Eve-Rest (booth H3.H.80) and Pasta Party (booth H3.H.120).


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