Japan Expo Sud - February 22-24, 2019 Marseille Chanot

10th Anniversary collector gifts

Japan Expo Sud’s Official Gift Shop is also celebrating the festival 10th Anniversary and has exclusive goodies in store for you!

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Keep the 10th Anniversary party going and make the wonderful time you had at Japan Expo Sud last forever: give yourself a treat or get a gift for your loved ones! Button badge, wristband, poster (coming soon): choose your favorite(s). You can also purchase the European Cosplay Gathering wristband.

Book your Japan Expo Sud goodies now: you can preorder them* on our website. Buy them along with your ticket and you’ll just have to pick them up at the festival.

To buy or pick up your goodies, there’s only one place where you got to go: the Official Gift Shop at Japan Expo Sud!

*Pre-ordered Japan Expo Sud official goodies are to be picked up on site, from Japan Expo Sud’s Official Gift Shop only. Nothing will be sent by post. 

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