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A foretaste of our cosplay program

In a couple of months, the festival gates will be about to open up! We’ve already told you a little part of our program but before we reveal more, here’s a reminder of what will be going on with cosplay!

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Japan Expo Sud is a time for celebration for all cosplay fans and cosplayers are glad to display their costumes in the festival, in the alleyways and on stage. The Ichigo stage has already unveiled its programming with three amazing events:

  • On Friday and Sunday, here come the Cosplay Shows
  • On Saturday, the 2018 World Cosplay Summit French selections will feature the best of French cosplay


If you want to enter the Cosplay Shows, you have to register. Registrations will open later in January, so follow our news!

Other activities will add up to this program, another reason to keep up to date with our announcements.

Will you copslay for the festival? Which character will you choose? Share it in a comment!

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