Japan Expo Marseille - March 8-10, 2024
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A journey through Japanese culture

Japan Expo Paris is the perfect opportunity to learn about Japanese culture in all its forms! Join our guests to discover or rediscover Japanese traditions, take part in booth activities and enjoy live events!

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discover japanese culture with these guests!


learn more about Japanese culture at these booths!

  • Explore the richness of the Japanese language through calligraphy at the Duvet Calligraphie booth!
  • The Ganbalo association is exhibiting the creations of Japanese artist Shinichiro Nastusaka, and offering you the chance to discover the trade of dressmaker and much more!
  • The French Mahjong Federation is waiting to introduce you to the game, and to take part in tournaments with the more experienced players during the festival!
  • Yuai is an association promoting Japanese culture in France, offering kumihimo, mizuhiki and many other activities!
  • Othello is a classic game of strategy and reflection played by 2 players. Come and discover it at the French Othello Federation booth, and challenge its passionate players!
  • Vu du Japon is a collective that invites you to explore Japan from every angle. Come and meet our content creators and immerse yourself in Japanese pop culture!
  • The Tengumi stand offers origami initiations in a friendly circle, as well as quizzes and blintests on manga and anime on stage!
  • The Ile-de-France Go league is on hand to introduce you to the game of Go, which is simple to learn but complex to master.
  • Learn to play shogi in 20 minutes with the Île-de-France Shogi league, then take part in a tournament for a chance to win prizes! 
  • Asian'Efrei is a student association at the Efrei Paris engineering school. Come and play hanafuda, a typical Japanese card game.
  • The Cité internationale de la tapisserie Aubusson presents its tapestries featuring the works of Studio Ghibli! Come and admire these tapestries, bringing this 6-century-old skill up to date.
  • The Wabi Sabi space invites you to discover Japanese artisans and showcase their skills and works!
  • Karuta France returns to Japan Expo to present karuta, a game that requires reflexes, concentration, memorization, strategy, speed and endurance.
  • Learn how to draw manga with Art & Design Inspiration, and let professionals help you reproduce your favorite characters!

events not to be missed!

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