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After a two-year absence, the Kyoto Geisha Dance Festival is back!

Two years of inactivity for the Gion Odori, the festivities resume this autumn 2022 in Kyoto Prefecture.

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Kyoto's geiko and maiko, custodians of traditional dance and music, are concentrated in five kagai (geisha districts) around the city.  Each of these districts presents a large-scale dance for the public once a year, but most of them take place in spring, during the cherry blossom season.  But if you come to Kyoto in autumn, don't worry!  The Gion Odori in the Gion Higashi District takes place from November 1st to 10th.

Accompanied by the blushing leaves and the autumn atmosphere, the geiko and their apprentices will freeze time with their graceful dance for one performance. Because of the pandemic, the Gion Odori has not been able to perform for over two years, so this revival is very important for Kyoto Prefecture.

The festival will have two performances per day: one at 1:30 pm and one at 4:00 pm and the performances will take place at Kyoto's Gion Hall. Tickets cost 3,500 (about €24) or 5,000 (about €34) yen depending on the type of seat. For an additional 600 (about €4) yen, you can get a programme booklet with colourful pictures.


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