Japan Expo Sud - February 18-20, 2022 Marseille Chanot

Animations & shows: two stages not to miss during your your visit!

Whether you prefer traditional shows, karaoke or games of all kinds, the Sakura and Sora Stages are expecting you!

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The Sakura (sakura = cherrytree blossom) Stage enchants the attendees at Japan Expo Sud with Japanese traditional music and dance, and more folk shows inspired from the land of the rising sun. Since last year, it has been transformed into an open stage, to let the public admire its shows all the better. And here something new for the 11th Wave: the Sakura Stage will be set in the sun, in the outside area of Japan Expo Sud where you’ll find other animations too.


Created at Japan Expo Sud in 2019, the Sora Stage is dedicated to animations! Want to play games? Enter quizzes and tournaments? Sing karaoke at the top of your lungs? And at the same time, win jens to trade for gifts at the same time? Then you have to try this 360 stage in hall 2, at the heart of the area dedicated to manga and anime culture! The associations will be meeting you on this stage: they organize quizzes, blindtests, karaoke, and more.

Follow these icons to find the Sakura and Sora Stages!


See you at Japan Expo Sud 11th Wave, on Feb. 28-March 1st, 2020 at Marseille Chanot!

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