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Back to the 2nd Wave!

For the 10th Anniversary of Japan Expo Sud, we’re taking a look back over all that happened in the last 10 years. And today, let’s focus on the 2nd Wave!

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Set in Marseille, this second poster bears Southern colors and features characters who have grown a little since the 1st Wave, just like the festival which switched from Chibi Japan Expo Sud to Japan Expo Sud! Realized by Aurore.

If you were there, please share your anecdotes and memories down this page! And if you missed the first retrospective, click here.

Japan Expo Sud 2nd Wave: key figures

In 2010, Japan Expo Sud invited guests, exhibitors, local associations, and of course attendees, on Feb. 19-21 du 19 for its second edition, after the success of the first one. And many among them did come:

  • 26 associations to entertain the attendees
  • 54 staff members to organize it all and welcome you
  • 141 exhibitors displaying products
  • 29,344 attendees who made this edition a great celebration of Japan and its culture

The 2nd Wave photo album

Guests & Events

Over 30 French and Japanese guests came to hold panels, signings, and masterclasses, perform at concerts, and meet you, among whom: 

  • Kazuki AKANE, director and storyboarder (EscaflowneCowboy Bebop…), who shared his storyboard techniques during a masterclass
  • Aoi, the "Little Prince of visual kei", who celebrated his second anniversary as a solo artist on stage 
  • Donkey Monkey, a French-Japanese jazz duo
  • Jelly Beans, a J-pop duo
  • Keisho OHNO, a shamisen virtuoso blending pop, rock, electro, and traditional
  • Takamasa SAKURAI, a writer and journalist who held a panel about the power of Japanese animation
  • Satoshi URUSHIHARA, animator, chara-designer, and mangaka (Jungle Boy KenyaLegend of Lemnear…) who shared his drawing secrets during a masterclass

Click here to have all the history of the guests who attended Japan Expo Sud along the years

Japan Expo Sud 2nd Wave now spread over 14,000 sqm, enough to host many exhibitors and also 7 stages and activity areas. The Main Stage moved you to the rhythm of very different artists, from the Jelly Beans to the sound of koto played by Takoe BOUYSSI, from visual kei with Aoi to jazz with Donkey Monkey, not to mention Bamboo Orchestra, Keisho OHNO, and ☆Wotaku World Wave☆. That was also the place to find one of the most popular discipline of the festival: cosplay! 


In the Conference Room, the guests held masterclasses and live drawings. You could also attend meditation demos by Butsu Zen Zone or panels, like the one about ninja or voice acting. The attendees could meet the guests all day long in the Signing Room while associations challenged the public with games, quizzes, blindtests, or even a karaoke contest that came on top of the big Karaoke Party Time held on the Main Stage. And with prizes for the winners! Two Screening Rooms featured series, OAV, and feature films, including anime premieres like the one for Pandora Hearts. Last but not least, the Martial Art Area invited four associations to present 7 disciplines. 


Pop culture and traditional culture were both equally represented by local associations, with quizzes, karaoke, and activities featuring manga, anime, or J-music, and also retrogaming as well as the latest video game releases, in freeplay or tournaments! As for traditional culture, kimono fans enjoyed an enchanting presentation on stage while others learnt about the tea ceremony, calligraphy, origami, or ikebana (the art of arranging flowers). The well-being area was the best place for those needing a break, who could choose between zazen meditation, massages, reiki, and shiatsu

Our 2nd Wave memories come to an end but if you have anecdotes to add, please write them in the comment section below. And we’ll be back soon to recount what happened next at Japan Expo Sud!

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