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For the first time: Yakult at Japan Expo Sud!

For the first time and for the 10th Anniversary of Japan Expo Sud, the little Yakult bottles are coming to the festival!

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Just like your favorite heroes drink up their elixirs, let’s find out about the little bottle filled up with science (not magic).

Did you know that Yakult was created more than 80 years ago? In 1935, Doctor Shirota, a Japanese scientist, created a drink with unique bacteria which are still alive when they reach the intestines. The Japanese know Yakult well and it is now part of their lifestyle. Since then, Yakult has become a daily ritual that has convinced million people throughout the world.

It’s up to you, boost your statistics for your day’s raids: let’s share this daily habit of the Japanese!

Find out more about Yakult products at Japan Expo Sud on booth E023, hall 2!

And then, keep discovering more about Yakult on:

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