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Golden Week: time for a break!

You must have heard about it: the Golden Week corresponds to the longest holiday period among the Japanese, and takes place every year at the end of April. And it's starting tomorrow with Shôwa no Hi!

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It is time to talk about an eagerly expected week in Japan: the Golden Week. It usually lasts five days and is punctuated by many consecutive holidays, during which most of the Japanese go for their vacation and rest. As a matter of fact, Japanese workers have twenty days of vacation they can take during the year, but it is very rare that they actually do so. However, they gladly accept to enjoy the holiday periods of leave to take a break. That is why the Golden Week is so important for them! The frenzy of holidays and travel starts on April 29 and ends on May 5:

  • April 29 - Shôwa no Hi, Anniversary of the Shôwa Hirohito Emperor
  • May 3 - Kenpô Kinen Bi, Constitution Memorial Day
  • May 4 - Midori no Hi, Nature’s day
  • May 5 - Kodomo no Hi, Children’s Day

This week belongs to the Top 3 of the busiest seasons to go on holidays, along with the New Year and Obon. In Japan, everyone plans their holidays for the Golden Week months in advance! Schools, universities and most of the companies in the country close during this week of festivity and celebration.

Therefore, you sure must have understood by now why it is called the Golden Week: the visitor numbers at tourist locations hit their yearly record during this week. For all of those who wish to visit the island during this time: be prepared to see all the train stations, airports and all the hottest tourist spots crowded!

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