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Happy memories with the guests at Japan Expo Sud 8th Wave

You’re feeling a bit nostalgic when thinking about the last Japan Expo Sud? So are we! So we prepared a photo album to remember it, with a focus on the guests!

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In all, more than 30 guests attended Japan Expo Sud. They spent about 60 hours signing autographs, 41 sessions, and that’s what it took to please the fans. There’s more and Japan Expo Sud had programmed 6 hours of live music and some 24 events, including panels, gigs, talk-shows, and games to enjoy the coming of those guests.


The festival made a point of featuring Japanese animation on the occasion of its 100th anniversary: let’s find out more about this programming in the guests’ photo album.

Please tell us if you’re on the pics or about your best memories with the festival guests!

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