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Japan Expo Paris guest list!

Japan Expo Paris is fast approaching, and many guests have appeared on the website over the last few days! We're taking this opportunity to give you a rundown, this time by theme!

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les invités d'honneur

  • Japan Expo is honored to count M. Alan DAVIS among its guests of honor! This artist has had the opportunity to work on some of the best-known Marvel and DC Comics characters, including the Avengers team, Wolverine and Batman!
  • The lead artist behind the hit webtoon Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint, Sleepy-C (3B2S Studio), will be on hand at the Pika Édition stand! Meet her for signing sessions!


  • Shima, one of the members of Mexican cosplay duo TWIIN Cosplay, is on hand at the ECG to judge the finalists!
  • Meet veteran Yaya HAN at Japan Expo as a jury member for the Extreme Cosplay Gathering finals!
  • Come and meet the famous Shirogane-sama and benefit from her experience through her Masterclasses and at her stand!


  • Noriko TADANO electrifies the festival with wild rhythms played on her shamisen!
  • Cookiesan, the pioneer of manga rap in France, will bring his flow to the stages of Japan Expo!
  • Come and relax to the gentle notes and soothing voice of musician X+!
  • AKARA revisits rock with traditional Japanese instruments for an explosive cocktail!
  • Let yourself be carried away by Mika KOBAYASHI, the singer-songwriter behind Attack on Titans and Kill la Kill!
  • Share the good vibes and passion of the Namja Project group during their dance cover!
  • And to keep with the theme, Outsider Fam invites you to rediscover your favorite choreographies to popular K-Pop songs!
  • The boy band U&Pia invites you to join their utopia and feel the power of unity!
  • After a 2-year career break, the UK singer is back in Europe for the first time!
  • Fall under the spell of the idols of the iiiidolll group, whose specialty is the ability to perform on a global scale!
  • The Kannagi Rabbits come down from the moon to introduce you to their unique style, blending pop music with Shinto inspirations!

culture & traditions

  • Painter Koyuki uses sugar to create her colorful canvases. Her works serve as offerings to the gods, leading her to perform at shrines. This year, she takes you on a visual and olfactory journey at Japan Expo!
  • Sword master Tetsuro SHIMAGUCHI is an adept of the katana, and has turned this weapon into a powerful means of expression. Combining his mastery with years of theater training, he created choreography and was responsible for the fights in the film Kill Bill: Volume 1. Today, he performs with his troupe and teaches his art at his school, Kengido.
  • The Samurai Artist KAMUI troupe was founded by Tetsuro SHIMAGUCHI. They perform at festivals and demonstrate the teachings of Kengido, which combines theater and katana. Come and enjoy their spectacular choreography at Japan Expo!
  • The SENJU traditional dance troupe is waiting to teach you Kabuki Shishimono (lion dance)!
  • Yosakoi is a dance derived from the traditional Awa-Odori. Discover this energetic traditional dance with the members of IORIYA!


  • Arnaud LAURENT is the French voice of Natsu in Fairy Tail. He also dubbed Toge in Jujutsu Kaisen, and Ban in Seven Deadly Sins. Join him at Japan Expo for signing sessions and other on-stage activities!
  • Legendary jack-of-all-trades Takuya WADA is a key animator, animation director, make-up art director and designer who has worked on titles such as Fist of the North Star and Cobra. He was also responsible for Sadako's make-up in Ring and Ring 2!


  • Yuji KAIDA, nicknamed "the Kaiju painter", is an artist who designs illustrations of mecha and kaiju, such as the famous Godzilla! His poster for the film Kong: Skull Island earned him a place in the top 24 movie posters of 2017!
  • Actress Inô RIE is well known to horror fans: she played the vengeful specter Sadako in the films RingSpiral and Ring 2! Answer this guest's call and come and see her at a conference and signing sessions!

video games

  • The Silver Geek association organizes e-sport competitions for senior citizens. Their aim is to reduce the digital divide, as well as offering physical activity through exergames. To do so, it organizes a competition between seniors on Switch Sport, and you can attend the final of the 9th edition of the tournament at Japan Expo!


  • Taste the delights of Japanese pastry chef Ai FUJIROKU at Japan Expo! Passionate about pastry since childhood, her creations have led her to post her recipes on her YouTube channel to share with the rest of the world!

And it's not over yet! Stay tuned, because more guests are coming to Japan Expo! To find out more, visit the "guests" section of our website and don't miss our announcements on our Twitch show En Route Pour Japan Expo!

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