Japan Expo Sud - February 22-24, 2019 Marseille Chanot

Japan Expo Sud has big news for you!

For its 10th Anniversary, Japan Expo Sud will settle in new premises (though still at Marseille Chanot) to welcome you in even better facilities and we have a video to show it to you, with the team of Noob, the famous French webseries!

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Follow Noob and discover our new facilities at Japan Expo Sud!

Japan Expo Sud will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary and on this occasion will be newly set in Marseille Chanot’s Convention Center, as well as in hall 1 & 2 which were already used in the past. We’ll tell you more about the changes shortly but you can already note that the entrance will now be on the other side, next to Sainte-Marguerite Dromel metro station (line 2): click here for more information about access.


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