Japan Expo Marseille - March 8-10, 2024
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STARRYSKY's first time in Marseille!

You've been waiting for them, STARRYSKY is coming for the first time to play on the Japan Expo Marseille stage! Don't miss this opportunity to meet them!

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STARRYSKY is a "Eurasian rock" band - somewhere between Western metal and Asian pop - known for their original compositions on the web! Examples include TAI REFLECTIONS, a series of videos posted on YouTube in which they complete musical challenges sent in by the public, and JAMFICTION, original songs that feature iconic pop-culture characters. They've also composed official songs for Squeezie, Sora, Joueur Du Grenier, Noob, Maliki, and many more personalities from the French Internet!

At Japan Expo Marseille 2024, don't miss their concerts throughout the festival, and come and meet them on their stand!


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