Japan Expo Sud - March 5-7, 2021
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Join the cosplay trend!

Beginners or experienced, kids or grown-ups, wearing a costume or simply loving the show, all fans of cosplay will be meeting at Japan Expo Sud next Feb. 22-24!

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For three days, magnificent, kawaii, zany, and scary heroes, from manga, anime, or video games, will come to life. Cosplayers in the bud will mingle with the most seasoned ones, in the alleyways or on stage (we’ll tell you more about the Cosplay Shows and World Cosplay Summit French selections program shortly). And if you want to start cosplay, don’t miss the sewing or DIY workshops organized by associations, or the advice from our cosplay guests.

Whether you’re an advanced costume maker or a neophyte who wants to enter the magic world of cosplay, or if you just love watching cosplay, join us at Japan Expo Sud!

In the meantime, let’s look through the cosplay photos of the 9th Wave on this page


You’ve already chosen your costume? Tell us which one in a comment!

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