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Let’s meet on the tatami!

Shorinji kenpô, iaidô, aikibudô… does that ring a bell? Martial art associations are putting it right with demos and initiations for the bravest… are you up for it?

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Martial arts are a source of peace of mind, and helps improve your mental strength, as well as self-control. The Budô area at Japan Expo Sud is a dream opportunity to give it a try, thanks to two tatami dedicated to discovery, with demos and initiations. Introducing many disciplines, clubs and associations perform on the tatami areas and answer all your questions.

To know more about martial arts presented on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Japan Expo Sud, follow our news in the coming weeks.

Which martial arts would you like to try? Or you’re already practicing one of them? Let’s share it with a comment!

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