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Make a wish during Daruma-ki

On May 5, it is the Daruma’s day, the lucky doll that grants wishes! So, let's celebrate together the day of the emblematic figure of the Japan Expo Awards, aka the Daruma ceremony!

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The word Daruma has its roots in the japonization of the name of the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, who came from India to spread the precepts of Buddhism into East Asia. Today, in Japan Daruma designates a red dolls made of papier maché or wood. They have an ovoid shape with big eyebrows, which you can easily recognize with the Japan Expo Daruma Awards Ceremony


Every year on May 5thDaruma is celebrated all over Japan (Daruma-ki). Like many lucky charms in Japan, the Daruma is often bought in temples during the New Year celebrations. And temples like the Takasaki one, are even dedicated to him.

The principle of this lucky doll is that it does not have painted eyes when it is bought. At first it will be necessary that the owner of the Daruma makes a wish and paints the first Daruma’s eye, and then place it in a visible place to remember the vow. When the wish is granted, the owner then paints the second eye, and at the end of the year, it is customary to burn it at the temple and buy a new one.

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