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New "infernal" EP for Nuit Incolore !

"Black stars, a red devil, sunflowers and fireflies, white silences and dark thoughts..." : here is a way to poetically present the work of Nuit Incolore, who recently released a new single!

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The multi-talented musician Nuit Incolore had set the stage of Ichigo and Sakura on fire at Japan Expo Sud in February! He is currently realizing his first big musical project: two EPs for two seasons, entitled Histoire de Nuit, whose new track "Enfer Blanc" was recently released.

You don't know Nuit Incolore yet? Go and discover him urgently! At the sound of his piano and his golden voice, he brings you in a lyrical, dark and poetic tale, reminiscent of Joe Hisaishi, Tsew The Kid and Charles Aznavour.

Fascinated by the Japanese pop-culture, he is currently working on a manga that tells his story and plans an anime as a new addition to his artistic universe. To be continued!


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