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Ninja and rapper Shao Dow follows the way of the flow

Known for his music mixing rap, anime, and martial arts, Shao Dow is a versatile artist who impressed attendees with his flow during his hectic live performances at Japan Expo Paris 2023. Meet him at Japan Expo Marseille!

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Shao Dow's passion for Japanese culture, especially fighting anime and martial arts, was instrumental in shaping his musical career. After studying Kung Fu with Shaolin monks in China, he used the values of training and tenacity he learned to become a renowned independent musical artist.

Recently Shao Dow performed music for the popular video game Fortnite and has worked with other renowned rappers, such as Tech N9ne, on the album ASIN9NE.

His live performances are a breathtaking experience, skillfully blending his rapping skillspassion for martial arts, and infectious beats. Come witness his skills in person at Japan Expo Marseille during his showcases and signing sessions and discover his unique universe!


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