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One last look at Japan Expo Sud Wave 13

Let's have one last look at Japan Expo Sud Wave 13, which took place from February 24 to 26, 2023, at Marseille Chanot!

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Japan Expo Sud is over! This year again, the festival was rich in emotions. Now is the perfect opportunity for us to take one last look at this 2023 edition.

Manga and anime


This year, Japan Expo Sud was honored to receive Chikashi Kubota, a Japanese animator who worked on One Punch Man and Dragon Ball Super. He met you in signing sessions but also during panels. Also related to Dragon Ball, Philippe Ariotti and Brigitte Lecordier, the French voices of Piccolo and kid Goku, were also present for meetings and conferences with Mr. Kubota!

Thanks to Crunchyroll, you could (re)discover three anime during screenings: Tomo-Chan is a girl, VINLAND SAGA and Blue Lock. ISAN MANGA talked to you about making manga, while three authors from Kana had you experience a thrilling drawing battle! You could also visit four exhibitions: Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka, the 50th anniversaryTsukasa Hôjô, special exhibitionYuji Kaida, the Kaiju painter, and Balade au Japon! Finally, you were able to express yourselves and your art thanks to the association Art & Mouvement, which organized a manga drawing contest.

Culture and tradition


Traditional culture was not left out! You could learn origami with the association K-origami, Emma Obadina taught you the art of carving traditional Japanese pastries, and you discovered the game of Go with Sardin Ki'in! Messagedelaforêt shared their knowledge on kokedama while the Bonsai Club of Provence exchanged with you about bonsai. With the Consulate-General of Japan in Marseille, you could discover customary wooden games, discuss tourism or test your level of conversation in Japanese. Finally, Duvet Calligraphie opened the doors of calligraphy to you thanks to an exhibition and workshops.

Streamers and Web


Once more, you could meet your favorite streamers at Japan Expo Sud this year! Rayton and Sora participated in the Japan Expo Game Show on Friday with Philippe Ariotti and Brigitte Lecordier. The Tremplin Web area welcomed four personalities: Arno Padawan, Ed le Fou, Flowie, and Juudaichi, with whom you exchanged, took pictures, and signed autographs.



There can't be Japan Expo without Cosplay! The cosplayers gave us a great show on stage and in the aisles! On Saturday, the French selections of the World Cosplay Summit took place, followed by a free parade. On Saturday, over 60 participants made a demonstration for the Cosplay Show.



J-music was at the heart of this 13th wave of Japan Expo! Thanks to Pachi Pachi Project, you danced with Takuya Sugimoto on his latest track, Onigiri. Ilu Grace invited you into her R&B world, and MION charmed you with her guitar and original tracks. But you could also sing at the top of your lungs at Secret Zero's live karaoke!



The tatamis of the Budô space were shaking! You could learn Aikivudao with Aikivudao Seigan, historical European martial arts with Auto Défense Académie, and lightsaber with Académie Sportive de Sabre Laser. You tried karate with Karaté Dojo Marseille, aikido with Aikido Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, Shorinji Kempo with Shorinji Kempo Marseille, or Takeda with Takeda Budo France.



For the first time this year, the KAMO stage appeared at Japan Expo Sud!
You went wild attending Pandora Crew and MAD SQUAD's K-pop Random Play Dances, open stages, J-pop and K-pop blind tests, or K-pop dance classes! In Movement offered you a dance workshop on the famous Attack of the Titans Opening song, Shinzou wo Sasageyo!



Seventeen food stands were present at the festival, a first! You had the choice to eat Japanese curry, ramen, onigiri, mochi, or simply burgers and hotdogs!

Japan Expo Sud summed up in numbers:

  2023 2022
Visitors 46 469 39 000
Guests 71 50
Signing session trials 6 667 2 198
Autographs won 1 925 1 074
Signing sessions 43 28
exhibitions 4 2
Events (Signing sessions excluded) 121 92
Booths 260 163
Hobby booths 143 117

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