Japan Expo Marseille - March 8-10, 2024
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Prefestival Tip #6 What means of payment?

Vous vous demandez s’il vaut mieux prendre votre chéquier ou votre carte bancaire à Japan Expo Sud ? Si vous pourrez prendre du liquide sur place ? Lisez ce qui suit !

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The festival cashiers

If you’re one of the latecomers who hasn’t bought presale tickets, it’s still time to do it here: your tickets will be cheaper and you'll get in earlier.

If you’re buying your tickets on site anyway, you should know that the festival cashiers accept cash and credit cards only, but no checks.

On the booths

It all depends on the booths but a lot of them don’t accept credit cards. You’d better have some cash if you fall for new manga, goodies or a figurine!


There is an ATM inside the festival but it’s most likely to be crowded. So don’t forget to take cash before coming to the festival!

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