Japan Expo Sud - March 5-7, 2021
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Thank you so much for those 3 crazy days!

After three days of party hard for Japan Expo Sud's 10th anniversary, the festival has closed its gates last sunday night with loads of stars in the eyes, emotions and so many memories!

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And none of it would come true without the many guests, participants, and exhibitors, without Japan Expo Sud’s team. And of course without you, the attendees, coming by the thousands to give to the festival its incredible atmosphere with your joy and enthusiasm.

So thank YOU for being part of it and sharing your passions with us, cheering the guests, attending the events and making the festival a huge celebration of Japan and its culture


Many thanks to all the guests who made their best to make you dream and shiver. Magical meetings, amazing shows, and moments of sharing followed one another all week-end thanks to them!


Thank you to all the participants, performers, and exhibitors who contribute to offer you so many activities, demonstrations, workshops, shows, and games.


Last but not least, many thanks to the staff and the whole team of Japan Expo Sud, who tried to be everywhere at once to make the best festival possible for you!

  1. Find more pics on our facebook page
  2. Find the videos of the festival on JapanExpoTV

And for now, we’ll see you next year for Japan Expo Sud 10th Wave!

What are your best memories of Japan Expo Sud 9th Wave? Share them in the comments or click on Daisuki to simply tell us you had a good time.

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