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The future according to Takahide Hori

A real stop-motion jewel, coming straight out of Takahide Hori's mind will be released in a few days in French theaters. "Junk Head": a film not to be missed!

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Already a phenomenon in Japan, Junk Head will delight fans of dystopias and science fiction. Realised in 7 years by the sole hand of the brilliant Takahide Hori, the movie is a technical feat and a sensitive experience, in 140,000 shots!

Synopsis"In a distant future, and by dint of genetic manipulation, humanity has managed to achieve near immortality. However, it has lost the ability to reproduce and is on the verge of extinction. In order to investigate the secrets of procreation, a man is sent deep into the earth, where mutant clones live, ready to rebel against their creators..."


In this gloomy tale, the darkness is illuminated by the mischief of the characters, and the plot leads to reflection on the themes of solidarity, cohabitation between species and ecology. The film has already won numerous awards in specialized festivals around the world, such as the Satoshi Kon Prize at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal and the Golden Stork for best animated film at the Strasbourg Fantastic Film Festival.

Distributed in France by UFO Distribution, the film will be released on May 18, 2022!


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