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The tanuki, spirit of the forest in Japanese folklore

MIYAKODORI, specialized in authentic maneki-neko, is presenting the tanuki as little statues that are part of daily life in Japan!

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Tanuki are spirits of the forest, inspired from raccoon dogs. They’re famous for their power to turn into other shapes. In Japanese mythology, he may appear as a man on the street, sometimes in an izakaya, wearing a straw hat, a flask of sake, and a round belly that he uses as drums. Every part of his body is a symbol of luck and prosperity.

The tanuki is one of the main characters of Isao TAKAHATA’s famous animation film Pompoko.

He is also found as stoneware – shigaraki-yaki – statues all over Japan. The tanuki is meeting you at MIYAKODORI’s booth at Japan Expo Sud.


Don’t miss MIYAKODORI at Japan Expo Sud and on www.miyakodori.fr

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