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The WCS commits to protecting the oceans

The WCS sides with cosplayers from all over the world to protect the environment and the oceans by organizing the Cosplay de UMIGOMIZeroAWARD!

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The WCS, World Cosplay Summit, is a big international cosplay contest that brings together every year cosplayers from 42 countries at its finals every summer. In France, the WCS selections have been taking place at Japan Expo Sud for several years: click here to know more about this.

In 2020, the WCS, in partnership with The Japan Foundation, invites its participants and all the cosplayers to join them to commit to protect the oceans. To promote ocean depolluting actions, the WCS organizes an event aside from its main event, the Cosplay de UMIGOMUZeroAWARD.

By 2050, the mass of wastes in the oceans could outweigh the mass of fish: to try to avoid the disaster, the WCS invites all cosplayers committed to the protection of the oceans (Action Category) or creating costumes in a way respectful of the environment, by reducing wastes ot using recycled materials, to register to the Cosplay de UMIGOMUZeroAWARD before March 31st, 2020. The award is a million yens for the protection of the oceans

Click on en.umigomi-cosplayaward.com to know more about the Cosplay de UMIGOMUZeroAWARD

More information on news.cosplayers.global/jp/ (in Japanese)

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