Japan Expo Sud - February 28 through March 1, 2020 Marseille Chanot
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There’s news about our facilities!

A new layout, new stages and rooms, and new facilities: there’s some change coming up at Japan Expo Sud for the festival 10th Anniversary and we’ll telling you more about it!

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As we announced a few days ago, Japan Expo Sud will be set in the congress hall of Marseille Chanot, as well as in halls 1 & 2. If you haven’t had the opportunity to have a look around the place so far, click here to watch the video.

And now, let’s tell you about the new features coming up in the various stages and rooms:

  • The Ichigo and Yuzu stages will be set in the congress hall auditorium and amphitheater, where you can enjoy cosplay shows, showcases, and the guests’ panels in the best conditions.
  • The brand new Sora stage is appearing, with activities such as games and karaoke, as well as the puroresu (pro wrestling) ring and the come back of the video room with screenings all day long.
  • The Sakura stage becomes a 360 stage (as well as Sora), to better enjoy traditional and folk shows.

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