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What does Japan Expo Orléans 2023 have in store for you?

There's so much to do this weekend, October 28th and 29th, at Japan Expo Orléans! Let's take a look at what's in store!

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Anime & manga


We went all out for manga and anime fans! For the first time in France, you'll have the opportunity to meet Hiroshi Nagahama, the director of the Mushi-Shi anime, and Uki Satake, Seiyû who starred in Mob Psycho 100 and Space Dandy and is also an idol member of the group 9nine. You can meet them all weekend during panels about their work and signing sessions.

Arnaud Laurent, the dubbing actor who voiced Natsu in Fairy Tail and Dabi in My Hero Academia, is also looking forward to meeting you this weekend. He'll be available for signing sessions and a conference on Saturday.

Brigitte Lecordier, famously known for her voice acting as Son Goku and Son Gohan, will be arriving on Sunday on her magic cloud. She'll be available for signing sessions and will be giving a panel on Sunday to share how Japan Expo changed her life.

If you're interested in learning how to draw your favorite anime and manga characters, be sure to stop by Art & Design Inspiration's booth. They'll be holding drawing initiation sessions all weekend long.

At Anigetter's booth, you can learn how to make papercraft models of your favorite manga and anime heroes.

If you're a fan of Saint Seiya figurines, the Star Hill Team association will be holding figurine posing workshops to teach you how to show off your figurines.

Finally, don't miss our exhibitions dedicated to two manga icons! There will be an exhibition dedicated to the career of Tsukasa Hôjô, the author of City Hunter and Cat's Eye, as well as an exhibition dedicated to Osamu Tezuka's Black Jack manga.



We haven't forgotten about our music-loving friends!

Don't miss out on the amazing concerts happening all weekend long! You simply have to attend the tonari no Hanako group's performance straight from Japan. Their cool and melancholic sounds are not to be missed!

Jean-Marc Anthony Kabeya will be singing his famous Pokémon theme songs on both Saturday and Sunday. Brace yourselves for a wildly entertaining atmosphere!

The STARSEED'Z girl band, fresh off their debut video release and rave reviews, will be making their first-ever live appearance at Japan Expo Orléans on Sunday. You absolutely cannot miss this event!

If you're in the mood to dance, head over to the Sora stage and participate in the Random Play Dance organized by YoungNationStudio. You can also check out their K-pop shows and visit their booth to share your passion for K-pop with them.



Witness the amazing talent of cosplayers at the Cosplay Show on Saturday! The contest's three judges - ADDssin, Amy Signless, and Seika Yomi - are also available all weekend long at the Guest Tables booth for a meet and greet. On Sunday, they will participate in a round-table discussion about the differences between cosplay competitions in Europe and North America.

If you want to learn new skills to improve your cosplays, head over to CosUplay's and Les Dix Lunes's booths. They offer various workshops on how to handle different materials and create your own accessories.

Culture & tradition


Japanese culture enthusiasts, do not miss out! Discover the art of cutting and folding, kirigami and origami, at the booth of the association "Le Japon à Orléans". At "Les Jeunes Plants Japonais", learn about the different varieties of Japanese plants and immerse yourself in the thrilling games of Mahjong at the "Rôles & Riichi" booth, where experienced players will guide you through the rules of this traditional Asian game. 

For those seeking a bit of martial arts action, head over to the Budô area where you can find peace and discipline through learning kendo, iaido, battôdô, and karate with initiations and demonstrations organized all day long. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience the best of Japanese culture!



Amazing is the part of the festival dedicated to pop culture from all over the world, not just Japan.

You can participate in thrilling lightsaber duels at the Orléans Lightsaber Academy's booth.

In our Introduction to Korean Drama exhibition, you can discover the popular series of this genre, whether you are a rookie or an initiate. The exhibition is richly informative.

At Bâtisseurs de Rêves's booth, you can take part in epic quests and role-playing games.

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