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World Cosplay Summit 2019: the French representatives!

The brand new Ichigo stage at Japan Expo Sud hosted the French selections for the major international cosplay contest World Cosplay Summit: the show was astounding, the costumes dazzling, and now let’s introduce the winners!

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Congratulations to Kalimsshar and Sakuraflame who come after Annshella and Leena to represent France at the upcoming 2019 World Cosplay Summit finals.

Their performance and costumes came from Hyrule Warriors and seduced the jury (among whom our guests Rinaca, Surine, and Symphonia). They offered an amazing show to the public of the festival, alongside the other entrants!

Let’s wish them the best of luck for the finals!

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Follow the World Cosplay Summit on www.worldcosplaysummit.jp


The 2018 World Cosplay Summit French selections were organized with EPIC www.facebook.com/epicassociation

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