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Pao Pi

Let’s find out about Pao Pi’s universe, a journey to the East to the sound of the shinobue flute and Japanese traditional tales.

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Pierre PILONI, aka Pao Pi, is a multitalented artist. He is a self-taught composer, pianist, flutist, drummer, and also calligraphy artist and photographer. He has collaborated with many artists from various domains. His world revolves around Asia and the East. He is close to the Japanese traditional Zen aesthetic and is influenced by world music and jazz.

Pao Pi started learning the piano at 11 and soon played covers of his favorite jazz records. Later, he turned to Japanese culture and worked for three years as Bamboo Orchestra’s artistic assistant.

From his experiences, Pao Pi has found the inspiration for a blend of Asian and Western cultures.


Pao Pi will be performing on the Sakura Stage at Japan Expo Sud on Friday and Sunday, unveiling the sound of shinobue, a small Japanese transverse flute made of bamboo.

On Friday, the Crin d’encre show will also feature Pao Pi in an adaptation of a traditional tale, to the sound of music and illustrated by a live painting performance.

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