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After getting famous on the web and conquering the hearts of the French public, UMI☆KUUN’s turned to the music scene! Come meet him and share many happy fun times with him!

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UMI☆KUUN grew up in the Japanese countryside and took to music from his early childhood. He kept dancing and singing as he listened to the mixtape his mum had made for him. As he was only a year old, he already knew how to use the cassette deck better than his grand-mother. At 3, he started learning the piano and dance.

As he was studying to go to college, he changed his mind and started taking music classes at Tokyo’s music academy. He finished his studies easily, also passing a teacher degree. After leaving the academy, he dedicated his time to composing music, playing video games and watching anime. That’s when UMI☆KUUN got the opportunity to create his own world.

In April 2014, the video he shared on Niconico reached the 2nd rank and got talked about by the media. He started posting videos on Youtube around the same time and soon got over 7,000 subscribers, a number that keeps on growing!

UMI☆KUUN also made himself known abroad and especially in France where fans have fell for his humor at Japan Expo 16th Impact in July 2015. Announced as the new webstar from Japan, he also proved to be a funny, sweet, and enthusiast guest, as many ideal qualities for an official reporter. He is also a talented singer and his title Hello Baby was chosen as the official song of the festival. 

UMI☆KUUN「I am Just Feeling Alive」MV TVアニメ『ヤング ブラック・ジャック』OP

Since then he has kept on with his artistic career, with the TV show UMI☆KUUN in the World of Dubbing, broadcast on the Japanese TV channel Tokyo MX, and a first single released on October 28! The title I am Just Feeling Alive is a comeback to his first love, music. He made his debut in the music industry before charming his viewers on Youtube. Composed by Akihito TOKUNAGA (the author of many hits by ZARD or Mai Kuraki), I am Just Feeling Alive is a pop-rock title which highlights UMI☆KUUN’s clear voice. The title has been chosen as the opening of the anime Young Black Jack

If the French public has fell for UMI☆KUUN, it’s also true the other way around and here he is, back in France at Japan Expo Sud! In the meantime, you can follow his videos in the coming weeks, until Japan Expo Sud, on JapanExpoTV

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The party goes on! After Japan Expo Sud, Misaki IWASA, ILU GRACE, and UMI☆KUUN take the opportunity of their visit in France to offer always more J-music to the public, with a concert in Paris on Feb. 27 (more information), a mix of J-pop, RnB, enka and anisong.
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