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Media Accreditations

Welcome to Japan Expo Sud's media section. Accreditations are currently closed.

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Accreditations are currently closed. You can not make your accreditation request for Japan Expo Sud 11th Wave now. They will open in the weeks before the festival.

Yet, if you don't have an account on our accreditation website, you can create it now. Account creation requests are treated regularly all year long.

Attention: because of the many web media accreditation requests (internet, blogs, youtubers, instagramers, influencers), there will be no accreditations onsite, all requests must be sent online and prior to the festival.

accreditation Process

Please fill in the accreditation request form and our team will sstudy your request (more information below).
All accreditation requests must include an ID color photo as explained here: www.japan-expo-sud.com/en/menu_info/faq_100829.htm.

Any incomplete request will be denied.

The festival reserves the right to accept or refuse the request if the type of activity does not justifies an accreditation.

There will be no accreditation granted through e-mail or phone, you must fill in the online form.

Activities allowing a media accreditation

  • Written press
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Internet (please specify the kind of media coverage you're intending and attach articles if you've had an accreditation before)
  • Journalist (you'll have to show your press card or a professional justification, a letter from your editor in chief, copies of articles you've written. Please specify the kind of media coverage you're intending)
  • Photographer: media accreditations are only delivered to media photographers with a press card or a justification (a letter from your editor in chief)
  • Press attaché


Any question about accreditations? 
Read the professional FAQ on this page.

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