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La Forêt de Pago 1 & 2

Futurtech Studio was created along with its first game, La Forêt de Pago, an educational program aiming at learning the French language through video games. Follow the story of Flora, the heroine of the game, while improving your spelling in French!

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La Forêt de Pago – La vengeance du dragon

In the village of Pago nestled at the heart of the forest, Flora lives in peace with her relatives. Suddenly, a dragon attacks the village and destroys it with fire. Why has the dragon chosen Pago? Flora doesn’t know. Her quest for the truth will lead her to long-lost friends and to team up with them against the dangers that surround her.

La Forêt de Pago – Souvenir de glace

The story is set 10 years before the first opus of the trilogy. Flora is 14. She and her friends, Freyja and Ramia, discover the city where the inhabitants of the federation of wizards live.

With Albus, the three friends will discover the joys of learning the trades necessary to a fortified city. Yet, at the other end of the continent, a threat is coming towards them. Climate is changing completely. 

Futurtech Studio invites kids and grown-ups from 8 years old to discover and try both games of La Forêt de Pago at Japan Expo Sud to learn spelling in new and fun way! 

Futurtech Studio

The studio was created in 2019 from an educational program, La Forêt de Pago, which helps to learn the French language through a video game. This project allowed the studio to understand the importance of modernizing learning tools, which will be essential in a close future. That’s why they decided to make a trilogy around this first concept which helps improving one’s spelling.

Futurtech Studio is also about the passion for all types of games: strategy, shooting games, role-playing, and many more. Their inspiration keeps growing and they wish to continue developing new styles of gameplay, new stories and new iconic characters.

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