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Chikashi KUBOTA

Chikashi KUBOTA is our first Japanese guest for Japan Expo Sud! He worked on the animation of several titles, including the movie "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero".

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Chikashi KUBOTA dropped out of professional school and started working as an animator at Xebec in 1998. He has participated in a wide range of works on different genres, such as mecha, drama and action.

His main works as an animation director include "Gurren Lagann", "Diebuster", "Crossing Time" and "Space Dandy".

As a character designer, he worked on "From the New World - Shinsekai yori", "ROBOTICS; NOTES", "One-Punch Man" and "FLCL Progressive".

In 2022, he worked as the animation director on "Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero", taking the challenge of bringing the original design into 3D, and also worked on the animation part of the beginning of the movie, 2 minutes of hand-drawn animation.

Come and meet him at Japan Expo Sud!


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