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CrazyBomb World

They don't spare any series, and CrazyBomb World are known for their "Résumés Foireux", parodies of series and films with their very own sense of humor. Come and meet them at Japan Expo Marseille!

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CrazyBomb World, or CBW for short, is a YouTube channel that has been active for over 8 years, offering humorous content such as the "Résumés Foireux", where anime, films, and series are parodied, and columns on pop culture and cinema in the "CrazyBomb Show"!

Meet CrazyBomb and Bob from CrazyBomb World at Japan Expo Marseille for signing sessions and a preview of their upcoming "Résumé Foireux" about Jujutsu Kaisen 0 on stage, followed by a Q&A session!


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